Our Story

We are certified as woman and minority owned and operated business, distinguishing ourselves with an exceptional combination of lawn care and maintenance  expertise and knowledge, gained through years of experience from a family’s perspective. Our custodial cleaning ability has created a winning combination of outstanding and guaranteed facility maintenance services.

CCS Landscaping service started in 2006 and has expanded its service area across the DFW and vicinity. CCS provides comprehensive landscape services to commercial clients. Our specialization is the year round maintenance of commercial properties using modern horticultral practices.

 In today's competitive business world you know how important it is to have a clean and presentable landscape, and how difficult it is to find a service that consistently delivers what it promises.  You need a service that views its customers as lifetime partners, and delivers dependable quality service at all times.

 CCS understands the problems and addresses all of your landscape concerns. Our goal is to exceed your landscape standards, and to free up the time you spend on this issues for more important business matters.

 CCS continues to set new standards for quality and dependability. Our steady growth attests to our ability to listen to our clients needs.

Our mission is to be the best landscape company by providing superior customer service and better products to our customers. To be the best value to our customers when comparing services with our competitors, while maintaining a fair profit. To provide a high quality work place where all people are respected and have opportunities to grow and advance while earning better wages and benefits